CFO Services

We provide virtual and on-site CFO services primarily to startup and SME company. We believe managing finance function for startup and SME company is critical in cost effective model. Hence, we help them with planning, implementation, managing and controlling their finance […]

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Accounting & Finance

Accounting is the systematic and detailed recording of financial transactions of business as per the applicable accounting standard, which includes summarizing, analyzing and reporting business transactions. We help in maintaining healthy bookkeeping practices and derive meaning reports to assess the business health […]

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Compliance & Due Diligence

We understand that in today’s time cost of non compliance is too high and also effective compliance management to applicable laws & regulation gives you peace of mind and smooth functioning of your company. We help our client with list of […]

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Personal Financial Planning & Advisory

We understand that earning and managing finances simultaneously is a difficult task, but with guidance and knowledge of finance, available products in market and regular tracking it becomes easy to manage. We bring personal finance domain knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals […]

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File income tax return even if you don’t have taxable income

To file income tax return or not depends on your income level. As per the income tax act, if your income is within exemption limit of tax, it is not compulsory to file a tax return. The minimum exemption limit […]

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