How to Manage Cash Flow?

While an idea is the most important part of any business it is money that makes that idea turn into practicality. Any kind of business idea requires money to buy resources and other things and services required to establish a business. Businesses often need to understand the basics of cash flow that would allow them to maintain their business and gradually gain profit. What is Cash Flow? In simple terms, cash flow is the inward and outward movement of cash...

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File income tax return even if you don’t have taxable income

To file income tax return or not depends on your income level. As per the income tax act, if your income is within exemption limit of tax, it is not compulsory to file a tax return. The minimum exemption limit as per current norms is Rs 2.5 lakh for individual upto 60 years of age. For senior citizen between 60 to 80 years, this limit is Rs 3 lakh and for those with age of 80 years this limit is...

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